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What Are Digital Invitation Templates

I’m sure you’ve seen the tons of editable invitation templates on the internet.  Etsy, Zazzle, Vistaprint, Minted, even Walmart and Walgreens.  It’s a huge market and it can be a little intimidating if  you’ve never used a digital invitation template before.

So let me help answer some questions you’ve been wanting to ask and give you some personal advice.

What is an Invitation Template?

Templates come in different forms but for the most part an invitation template is a professionally designed invitation that you can simply put your event info into.  They will be sized already.  The fonts will be professionally paired.  If you choose a well laid out template you can rest assured that it will look nice when you’re done editing it.

The hard work is done for you and you get to do the fun part!


How do I Edit Invitation Templates?

Printable Templates come in different formats.  Some are just editable PDFs that you can edit for free with Adobe Reader. Others use an online editor that you get access to after you purchase or some sellers will do the editing for you.  When shopping for a template be sure to pay attention as to how that particular template is edited. If there is a method you are more familiar with or comfortable with then look for that.

What Format Should I Save Them In?

That will depend on how you plan on distributing them.

Send via text or email – Save as a JPEG

If you plan on printing them – Save them as a PDF

If you plan to print on precut paper – Save one per page PDF or JPEG

If you are printing on 8.5×11 – Save multiples per page

If you send them to a professional printer – Save them with the bleed turned on

If you print them at home – You may not need a bleed

How do you print invitation templates?

There are two ways to get your invitations printed;

  1. Print them at home

2. Have them Printed

Both have their pros and cons

Print at Home

If you are short on time and want to get your invitations out right away, printing at home is a great option.  You can print 2 on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock. We recommend 80lb cover stock and up.

Have them Printed

There are lots of options when it comes to getting your invitations printed. Office stores offer a pretty quick turn around and you can choose your paper type from samples they provide or you can bring in your own as long as it meets their specifications.

Online printers can offer bulk discounts if you are needing a larger amount of invitations. They will be pre cut and ready to mail when they arrive.

We have partnered with Prints of Love to provide a quality print option at affordable prices.  They are also offering a COVID-19 Event Disruption Reprint Guarantee through the end of 2021 in case your event is postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic.


Things to look at When Purchasing a Digital Invitation Template

  • Pay attention to the size of the finished design. 5×7 is a common size for invitations but 4×6 or sizes optimized for mobile devices are available.
  • Carefully read about the editing format and the program or software used on how to edit your invitation
  • Make sure you know how to access your order after purchase. There’s nothing worse than buying something and not knowing how to actually use what you bought.


What our customers have said about our templates

“Great price and got it by the end of the night!”

“Perfect to match the invitation and easy to make changes.”


Can the size be changed?

not easily

Are they hard to edit?

No. You do not need to be tech savvy to use templates.

What if I really can’t make it look nice?

If you are having a hard time I would contact the seller. Most will be happy to assist you in getting it just right.  We are always happy to help our customers get exactly what they are looking for.


So to sum it up, digital templates can open up a world of creative possibilities and provide you with quick turnaround with multiple ways of sending your finished invitation.  It gives you flexibility to send some via text and have some printed as keepsakes or for grandparents and yourself.


If you have any questions about digital templates or have any experience with them comment below.


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