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Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

step by step how to guide fro throwing a virtual baby shower

Looking for Virtual Baby Shower Ideas? We’ve got a list of what to do, how to do it, and resources for everything you need to host a virtual baby shower.

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You might be thinking “Why even bother throwing a virtual or long distance baby shower?” And the simple answer is because your baby is loved. Your family and friends want to be a part of this time in your life and they can’t wait to shop for tiny baby clothes.

Why virtual? Wether you’re under self quarantine, you’re out of the country, or your family lives far away they want to “see” you open the gifts they so thoughtfully picked out. They want to see your reaction and hear the oohs and ahhs over their present.

So don’t be selfish do it for your loved ones.

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower


  1. Choose a video chat platform to host the party

  • Facebook Live – The guests can watch you but you can’t see them
  • Skype – Free , You can call up to 50 people at once
  • Zoom – Free, host up to 100 people for up to 40 min
  • Google Hangouts


  1. Send Invitations

No good party is without a proper invitation. Give your guests all the info about how the party is going to be held and what to expect.  Don’t forget to include the mommy-to-be’s registry info.

Virtual Baby Shower kit includes everything you need including a step by step guide Virtual Baby Shower Invitation New Adventure



  1. Send Out Reminders

Send a quick text or message to your family and friends 1 or 2 days before the shower to remind them that it will be a live event so make sure they’re on time. If they have any questions about the technology now is a good time to walk them through it instead of the day of the party.

  • If you are planning on playing any party games send the digital files to them ahead of time to print off and have for the party.


  1. Decorate

Choose the spot where you will setup the presents with a nice comfortable chair and decorate! It doesn’t have to be super fancy because you and your immediate family will be the only ones actually there but put up a cute banner or backdrop or put balloons on the chair.

When you look back through the pictures you will be glad you got to use the theme that you had in mind since you found out you were expecting. (not just me right?)

virtual baby shower ideas hot air balloon

  1. Test your setup

The day of the party or day before setup your phone or computer and connect to the service you’re planning on using and get the perfect angle and make sure you have good lighting and are close enough for the sound to be heard well.


  1. Party Time!

Login to your chosen app a few minutes before the event and greet any early birds.  Give stragglers a few minutes then get right to it.  Make sure to have someone take pictures if you can.  You will want them for later.








Play first party game

Open presents

Play a closing game

Chat with loved ones


Jungle baby shower games

Virtual Baby Shower Game Ideas


Baby Bingo

Word Scramble

Match Baby Animal Names with Their Moms

How well do you know mommy-to-be

(Basically anything that can be written on paper)

Measure Mommy’s Belly (if you have toilet paper to spare)

If you get really creative and find a way to play a more physical game let me know. I’d love to hear about it in the comments.




E-gift cards are the best idea.  You can send it straight to their email address and BAM!

Amazon gift cards

Starbucks Card

Bath and Body Works gift card

Put the gift cards in an adorable diaper shaped holder and mail to winners

diaper shaped gift card holder for baby shower

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