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The Ultimate Guide to the Saran Wrap Ball Game

coal challenge cards on a red and green striped background

Unwrap the Holiday Fun: The Ultimate Guide to the Saran Wrap Ball Game

The holiday season is the perfect time to gather with family and friends, celebrating love, laughter, and joy. And what better way to add an extra dose of excitement to your Christmas parties than with the Saran Wrap Ball Game? This action-packed game, also known as the Plastic Wrap Game, is sure to become a hit at any festive gathering. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the rules, challenges, and fun ideas to make your holiday gatherings unforgettable. Let’s unwrap the secrets of this hilarious and heartwarming game!

The Goal of the Game

The main objective of the Saran Wrap Ball Game is simple: Be the first person to unwrap the layers of plastic wrap to reveal the hidden prizes inside. As players take turns, the fun-filled game continues with each person trying to collect as many prizes as possible before the next player takes over.

Getting Started

How to Create the Saran Wrap Ball:

To prepare for the game, you’ll need a large saran wrap ball. Start by gathering a variety of small prizes, such as printable cards, lottery tickets, candy canes, gift cards, and other fun gift ideas. As you wrap the ball with plastic wrap, be sure to add layers of saran wrap challenge cards at various intervals, giving the game an extra fun aspect and different directions for players to follow.

Rules and Gameplay:

Each player takes turns rolling a pair of dice to determine their fate in the game. Depending on the number rolled, they’ll follow the directions of the wrap, which might involve wearing oven mitts, or even attempting to unwrap with a blindfold. The excitement builds as players encounter the hilarious game challenges along the way, making it a true holiday-themed adventure.


Spice It Up: Christmas Edition and New Year’s Fun

For a festive twist, consider using holiday-themed saran wrap challenge cards like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or create a special New Year’s edition of the game. You can also include fun printable cards with holiday trivia, jokes, or heartwarming messages to keep the holiday spirit alive.

coal challenge cards on a red and green striped background

FREE Coal Cards Here


Prizes Galore:

The ball is filled with surprises, including a grand prize in the center, making every unwrapping a thrilling experience. From small trinkets to cards with even more challenges, a variety of prizes ensures everyone has a chance to win something special.

The Wrap Trap and Lump of Coal:

To add a hint of mischief, consider including “Wrap Trap” cards that force players to participate in a challenge or lose a turn. Using cards specific for the holiday like the “Turkey Trap” and “Lump of Coal” cards adds a humorous touch, making it a memorable moment when someone unwraps it!

Free Printable Coal Cards and Challenge Cards:

To make hosting the game even easier, we have prepared free printable coal cards and challenge cards in PDF format. Simply download and print them for personal use, and you’re all set to enjoy the holiday fun!

Grab your FREE Thanksgiving Edition Saran Wrap Challenge cards here.

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is a fantastic way to bring the entire family together for a night of laughter and bonding during the Christmas season. With its unique challenges, hilarious moments, and bountiful prizes, this game will undoubtedly become a holiday tradition you’ll look forward to year after year.


Plastic Wrap Ball Prize Ideas

When it comes to the Saran Wrap Ball Game, the more creative and diverse the prizes, the more exciting the game becomes. Here’s a list of prize ideas that you can include in the saran wrap ball:

  1. Small Gift Cards: Include various small gift cards for popular stores, restaurants, or online services. These can be $5 or $10 gift cards to coffee shops, fast-food chains, or streaming platforms.
  2. Fun Printable Cards: Besides the challenge cards, add printable cards with holiday-themed trivia, riddles, or jokes. Players can read these aloud, bringing some laughter and amusement to the game.
  3. Sweet Treats: Incorporate candy canes, small boxes of chocolates, or other holiday-themed candies to satisfy the players’ sweet tooth. (BONUS TIP: leftover Halloween candy works great)
  4. Lottery Tickets: A fun surprise for anyone who unwraps the ball and finds a lottery ticket with the potential to win big!
  5. Stocking Stuffers: Small trinkets like keychains, stress balls, mini puzzles, or novelty items can add a playful touch.
  6. Mini Board Games: Include travel-sized board games or card games that players can enjoy even after the Saran Wrap Ball Game is over.
  7. Party Favors: Delight participants with party favors like mini noise makers, confetti poppers, or party hats.
  8. Festive Socks or Gloves: Keep everyone cozy and in the holiday spirit with fun and colorful socks or gloves.
  9. Mini Plush Toys: Cute and cuddly plush toys in holiday-themed characters are sure to bring smiles to the players’ faces.
  10. Stationery Items: Add pens, pencils, notepads, or other stationery items with holiday designs.
  11. Coupon Booklets: Create coupon booklets with redeemable tasks or favors, such as “Get out of one chore free” or “Choose the next movie night.”
  12. Mini Puzzle Toys: Include small brain teasers, Rubik’s cubes, or puzzle balls for some mind-bending fun.
  13. Mini Bottles of Hot Sauce or Seasoning: For those who enjoy a bit of spice, mini bottles of hot sauce or unique seasonings can be a hit.
  14. Inspirational Tokens: Add small motivational tokens, like keychains or wristbands with uplifting messages.


More prize ideas:

  • Fidget toys
  • Deck of Cards
  • Chapsticks
  • Keychains
  • Jewelry
  • Stress balls
  • Stationary items
  • Hair Accessories
  • packs of gum
  • Stickers or temporary tattoos
  • Nail polish
  • Miniature bottles of alcohol or flavored syrups
  • Gift cards to local coffee shops or fast food restaurants

Remember to tailor the prizes to the age group and interests of the players. Mixing practical items, fun novelties, and delightful surprises will ensure that everyone has a fantastic time unwrapping the Saran Wrap Ball!


How to Create the Saran Wrap Ball Game: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Now that you know what prizes you are going to put in your ball it’s time to actually make the thing!

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is an entertaining and interactive activity that adds a dash of excitement to any holiday gathering or party. Creating the saran wrap ball filled with surprises and challenges is an enjoyable and straightforward process. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of making the Saran Wrap Ball Game, ensuring you have everything you need for a fun-filled event.

Materials Needed:

  1. Saran wrap or plastic wrap: A large roll of clear plastic wrap is the primary material for wrapping the ball. Using one with an easy tear edge or built-in cutter makes things much easier.
  2. Small prizes: Gather a variety of small items, such as gift cards, candies, toys, stationery items, and other trinkets, to place inside the ball.
  3. Printable challenge cards: Prepare or print out challenge cards that players will encounter as they unwrap the ball. These cards can include fun instructions or tasks to follow during the game.
  4. Optional: Grand prize: Include a special grand prize in the center of the saran wrap ball for an extra thrilling moment during the game.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Making a Saran Wrap Ball:

Step 1: Assemble the Prizes

Gather an assortment of small prizes that you’d like to include in the saran wrap ball. Consider the interests and preferences of the players to ensure a diverse and engaging selection of items.

Step 2: Prepare Challenge Cards

Create or print out the challenge cards that players will encounter as they unwrap the ball. Write fun instructions or tasks on each card to keep the game entertaining. Examples include “Take an extra turn,” “Skip the next player,” “Unwrap with your non-dominant hand,” or “Pass the ball to the person on your right.”

Step 3: Begin Wrapping the Ball

Start by creating a core for the saran wrap ball. Take your grand prize or a few smaller items and wrap them tightly with a few layers of saran wrap. This will serve as the starting point of the game.

Step 4: Add Prizes and Challenge Cards

After every couple of layers of plastic wrap add a small prize, piece of candy, or challenge card.  Do this until you have wrapped all your prizes and cards inside the ball. You can vary the length of each layer of plastic wrap. Make some short and some long. The short ones are especially frustrating because you finally find the end and begin unwrapping the ball and it abruptly stops making it a funny scene for all participating.

Step 5: Finish the Ball

Once you’ve used up all the prizes and challenge cards, wrap the ball with a final layer of saran wrap to secure everything in place.

Step 6: Prepare for the Game

Before the party or gathering, ensure that you have enough space for players to unwrap the saran wrap ball comfortably. Place the ball in the center of a table or on a flat surface for easy access.

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is now ready for some holiday fun! As players take turns rolling the dice and unwrapping the ball, they’ll encounter surprises, laughter, and friendly competition. Remember to capture the memorable moments with photos or videos as everyone enjoys this festive and engaging activity.


Saran Wrap Ball Game Rules: A Comprehensive Guide

Now that you have your Saran Wrap Ball it’s essential to establish clear and fair rules for the game. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the rules step-by-step to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.


  • Your Saran Wrap Ball
  • A pair of dice: Used to determine the player’s actions during their turn

Step-by-Step Guide to the Rules:

Step 1: Form a Circle of Players

Gather all the players in a circle around a table or flat surface where the plastic wrap ball will be placed. Make sure everyone has a clear view and enough space to participate comfortably.

Step 2: Determine the First Player

Choose a fair method to determine the first player. It can be the oldest or youngest participant, or the person with the closest birthday to the event date.

Step 3: Start the Game

The first player will begin unwrapping the plastic wrap ball. When the game starts, the player to their right rolls a pair of dice to initiate the action.

Step 4: Unwrapping the Ball

As the dice are rolled, the number on the dice will determine the actions of the player holding the ball:

  • If the dice show two different numbers (e.g., a 2 and a 5), the player continues unwrapping the ball to collect the prizes as quickly as possible.
  • If the dice show a double (e.g., both dice display a 3), the player passes the ball to the right, and the next player rolls the dice.

Step 5: Challenge Cards

During the game, players may encounter challenge cards within the layers of plastic wrap. When a player unwraps a challenge card, they must follow the instructions written on it. For example, they may have to skip their turn or perform a specific action, such as unwrapping with oven mitts on.

Step 6: Prizes and Grand Prize

The plastic wrap ball continues to be passed around the circle with players taking turns rolling the dice and unwrapping the ball. They collect whatever prizes fall out of the ball during their turn. The player who unwraps the grand prize (if included) in the center of the ball wins!

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is a wonderful activity that fosters joy, friendly competition, and camaraderie among participants. By following these comprehensive rules, you’ll ensure that everyone has a fantastic time unwrapping the ball and enjoying the challenges within.

So, gather your loved ones, prepare the saran wrap ball, and let the unwrapping adventure begin! Happy holidays and have a blast with this unforgettable Christmas party game!

I’d love to hear how your family plays this game and what you’d choose for prizes. Leave a comment below.

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