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Sweet Pea Baby Shower Ideas

collage of sweet pea baby shower items

Are you or someone you know expecting a baby and wanting to throw the perfect sweet pea-themed baby shower? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you’ll find creative, unique sweet pea baby shower ideas to make your event a hit. We’ll cover everything from decorations and food to activities and favors. With these ideas, you can craft a baby shower that will be remembered by both mom and guests for years to come. So, get ready to celebrate and have fun as you get inspired to create the perfect sweet pea baby shower!

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My dad called me his “sweet pea” when I was younger and my mom drew me a sweet pea that I hung on my wall for years. I even had sweet peas in my wedding bouquet. This twist on the baby-in-bloom theme is the perfect sophisticated floral baby shower theme.


collage of sweet pea baby shower items

Sweet Pea Baby Shower Ideas

 You want your girl baby shower to be as perfect as it can be. From lovable decorations to tasty refreshments, planning a sweet pea baby shower is a fun way to celebrate the impending arrival of your little one! Here’s how to get your spring baby shower off to a great start with these delightful baby shower ideas.

Sweet Pea Invitations

a sweet pea themed baby shower invitation on a kraft enevelope

Sweet Pea Shower Decorations

I choose some balloon kits that I thought were pretty and floral. You could add some red or purple balloons to either of these to match whatever color of sweet peas you use in your decor. Also adding a few springs of sweet pea florals to the balloon arch would be super cute.

green, gold, and pink balloon arch
green and pink floral balloon arch for decoration at a baby shower
These centerpieces are a perfect touch to brighten up the tables at the shower.  Find some sweet pea florals and use mason jars or vases to display the flowers. Take it up a notch with a DIY project and spray paint them gold.
pink and purple sweet peas in a gold mason jar
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Buy gold mason jars here.


linen floral lace table cover
Love these fancy lace table covers on Amazon.


I love these gold-trimmed plates with the petal shape. They bring elegance and sophistication to any event but I think these go beautifully with the sweet pea theme.
gold rimmed party plates with a decorative edge

 Sweet Pea Shower Activities

Baby in Bloom Flower Bar

I have a whole list of activities to do at a shower here…

but my favorite one for this theme is a flower bar. Can you just smell the sweet scent of fresh spring flowers?

Your guest will love putting together a bouquet they can take home.

a cart with flowers in buckets with a sign over it that reads flower bar

Diaper Raffle

Another great activity is a diaper raffle. Use these diaper-shaped gift card holders as the raffle prize. Just add a gift card to your favorite store or restaurant.

diaper shaped gift card holder with a sweet pea design

Sweet Pea Flower Favors

I found this seed packet baby shower favors on Amazon. I think they are the perfect compliment to your floral-themed spring baby shower. They say “baby in bloom”.

kraft flower seed packets that say baby in bloom

As you plan your sweet pea baby shower, let your creativity flow through the various aspects of the event. From the invitations to the decorations and everything in between, the sweet pea theme will bring a special and unique touch to your celebration of the upcoming arrival of your little one!
Now that you have some delightful ideas to get your spring baby shower off to a great start, don’t delay! Begin planning your own flower baby shower today!
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