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Memory Making Gift Ideas for All Ages

Here is our list of the best memory making gift ideas for all ages. A memory making gift can be anything that can be shared together, such as an experiences or an activity or It could be something that preserves the memories from these experiences like scrapbooking or photoshoots.

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Experiences are a great gift to give to make memories. Get the person on your list a ticket for a live event for whatever they are interested. My son likes dinosaurs so for his birthday we got tickets to a in dinosaur exhibit and went as a family. Get them tickets to a concert if they like music. If they’re into broadway shows take them to see a musical or play.

  • tickets to sporting events
  • concerts tickets
  • zoo
  • local aquarium
  • indoor playground
  • trampoline park
  • movie tickets
  • tickets for musical or play
  • zip-line tour
  • chartered fishing trip


The list is really endless depending on the interests of your gift receivers. Just think outside the box and always buy more than one ticket so they can share the experience with you or a close friend.


Board Games

I have so many fond memories of playing board games with my family and especially my grandma. We used to play games all the time when I would spend the night as a child. Purchase the games as the gift and give the gift of time when you play them. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Photo Shoot Session

This one is a good gift for a mom or family but it can also be fun for young and older girls alike. Selfie museums are becoming popular. It’s a place with lots of different sets and props and you can go in and take all the selfies you want. I think adding costumes or fancy dress-up items would make it an extra fun experience and sure to have lots of memories made.

  • Give the gift of a photo session with a professional photographer
  • Offer to take their picture if you have expertise in photography
  • Give tickets to a Selfie Museum
  • BONUS:Instant Print Camera (print memories instantly)

Scrapbook/Scrapbook Supplies Gift Ideas

  • photo albums to collect the photos of the memories ;)
  • scrapbooking stickers
  • scrapbooking paper
  • a scrapbook


Coupon Book for Spending Time With You

This is all about giving the gift of quality time. People want connection, especially kids. They just want to be with us and they want us to be fully present with them. This coupon book idea is just a way to share your time with them.  Here are a few ideas for your coupons.

  • baking cookies together
  • watching favorite movie
  • reading their favorite book
  • date night (parent and one child)
  • dinner out
  • play their favorite game
Grandparent helping grandchild preparing homemade traditional cookie dough in culinary kitchen during christmas holiday. Family wearing xmas hat enjoying cooking together making delicious dessert

Books as a Memory Making Gift

Books are an amazing Christmas gift. You give the time spent together reading plus they’ll carry the stories with them for the rest of their lives. Characters from books and the stories that have been read to me I carry with me. They are some of my best memories.

Comment below with your ideas for memory making gifts and I’ll add them to the gift guide.

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