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Memorable Baby Shower Activities (not games)

Baby Shower Games are fun but doing an activity at your party can extend the fun of the shower well past when the last guest leaves. I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite baby shower activities (not games).

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Baby Shower Make and Take

With this type of activity, your guests can make or put together something for them to take home. I’ve split them up into two categories; guided projects and open bar-type projects.

Guided Activity

A guided project would be more hands-on and one of the baby shower hosts would need to give instructions on how to do the activity.  These types of activities tend to take a little longer so make sure you plan for that but if you’re skipping the traditional games you will have plenty of time.  I like these kinds of baby shower activities because the guests will have something to take home so it doubles as a favor, no need for additional favors.

  • Art – this can be canvas painting, jewelry making,
  • DIY project – choose something simple but useful, home items are best suited for this activity
  • Candle holder jar with tea lights – this is an easy and fun activity.

    1. Get some empty glass jars. They can be any shape and size.
    2. Put food coloring into multiple bags of rice, each one a different color
    3. Have the guests layer the colored rice into any pattern they choose
    4. Add a tea light and a tag and your guests have a beautiful favor to take home and remind them of baby

Open Bar Type Activities

This type of activity can be explained to the guests at the beginning of the shower and they can work at their own pace individually and throughout the shower.

  • flower arranging – this could be such a fun and beautiful baby shower activity. I recently met someone at a farmers market that offered in-home flower arranging for groups. I think this would be so cute at a shower. Then your guests get a beautiful bouquet to take home.
a cart with flowers in buckets with a sign over it that reads flower bar
Diary of a Debutante
  • candy bar take-home jars – put out all kinds of your favorite candy and let each guest fill a jar or container with whatever candy they like. It reminds me of a good ol fashion candy shop. Makes me feel like a kid again.
  • ice cream bar – The guests won’t be able to take this one with them but they will have a blast putting together a tasty treat and enjoying it at the shower. Have a few different ice cream flavor options, set out bowls and cones, and a bunch of topping ideas;
    • nuts
    • sprinkles
    • fruit
    • syrups
    • candy
    • cookie dough bits
    • whatever your favorite ice cream add-ons are.
  • s’more bar – (I must have been hungry when I wrote this :p ) Another fun “bar” idea give each guest a baggie and let them build a s’more to take home to roast or let them make one for each family member. Great fall baby shower activity. Finish it off with a tag that says “Everything is s’more fun with a baby” or “adding s’more love to our family”

Make for Baby Activity 

There are so many cute ideas for making something for baby at the shower. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • onesies
  • late night diapers
  • hair bows
  • bow tie bibs (or just bibs)
  • coloring pages for ABC book
  • decorating wooden blocks
  • stamping burp clothes or blankets
  • mobile
  • nursery art
  • fill a shelf with books for baby’s first library

Make Memories with a Photo booth

Photo booths are one of my party must haves. Who can resist getting their picture taken with fun props or a beautiful backdrop? This can be achieved by putting up a backdrop banner or balloon arch (or both). Add some props and let your guests have fun making memories. You can add a Polaroid camera so they can take the photos with them or ask them to tag you on social so you get to see all the photos and can compile them into a photo guestbook.

Things you’ll need:

  • A backdrop of some kind
  • Photo booth props
  • Camera (optional) or let guests use their phones
  • A fun hashtag for the shower for social sharing

You can purchase our customizable prop templates here.

Diaper Raffle

A diaper raffle is a great baby shower activity for a couple of reasons; it’s super practical in that mom will have plenty of diapers for the new baby, and it’s really easy to set up. If you’re not doing any other games you can go big on the raffle prize. Your guests will be excited to see who wins. Ask guests to bring diapers and or wipes and fill out a ticket to enter the drawing. Gift cards are an easy and valuable gift. Our diaper raffle bundles make it easy and simple. Shop now!


I hope you feel inspired by this list of baby shower activities, not games. Leave a comment below with your favorite shower activity!

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