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How to Use Corjl to Edit Your Invitation Templates

Looking to purchase a digital template or did you just buy one that is editable through Corjl? Let me make accessing and editing your product a breeze.

What is Corjl?

Corjl is an online template editing tool. It works on both Mobile and Desktop devices.  You can purchase professionally designed invitations and printables, personalize them with your info, then save a high quality file to be printed or sent digitally.

How to Access a Purchase from Corjl

So you just bought a template on Etsy or our website and now what?

There are 2 ways to access purchased items:

  • After purchasing an item, Corjl will immediately send out an email message to the email address associated with the purchase. The message will contain a link, which can be used to log in and access the purchased items.
  • Or you can go directly to and enter the order number to access the purchased items.

If you ordered from Etsy: Go to and click on Edit A Purchased Item. Enter the email OR username that is associated with your Etsy account & the order number (not transaction number) of your purchased item. Next, create an account to access your items.

Your order number can be found on Etsy by going to You>Purchases and Reviews and by clicking on View Receipt. The order number will be on the upper left-hand side of the receipt.

Look for templates with this logo to know you can edit them using


How to Edit a Template on

Once you’re signed in you’ll see your templates on the left hand side. Choose the one you want to edit.  Once it is open you can simply click on a box of text and the text editor will open on the right. Type in your personalized information in the newly opened text editor box.  Some text might not always be editable it will depend on how the designer set it up but all of the important info you will be able to change easily.


Customers View when editing text

You can change the color, font, and size of the text in the template. When you are all finished editing click save.

How do you download a design from Corjl?

You have two options when downloading items from Corjl. You can choose to save them as a PDF or JPG.

download from corjl


If you choose a PDF you will have options like including the bleed and crop marks. You can also print multiples per page if you wish.

How to Print Templates from Corjl

There are two ways to get your invitations printed;

  1. Print them at home

2. Have them Printed

Both have their pros and cons


If you are short on time and want to get your invitations out right away, printing at home is a great option.  You can print 2 on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock. We recommend 80lb cover stock and up.


There are lots of options when it comes to getting your invitations printed. Office stores offer a pretty quick turn around and you can choose your paper type from samples they provide or you can bring in your own as long as it meets their specifications.

Online printers can offer bulk discounts if you are needing a larger amount of invitations. They will be pre cut and ready to mail when they arrive.

We love Prints of Love they provide great quality print options at affordable prices.  They are also offering a COVID-19 Event Disruption Reprint Guarantee through the end of 2021 in case your event is postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic.

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