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How to Print Invitations at Home

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So you want to print your own invitations at home? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been printing invitations from our home office since 2007. Let me walk you through the simple and easy way to make your own invitations.

How to Print Invitations at Home

Step 1: Choose Your Paper

We recommend cardstock 85lb cover or higher. The best invitation cardstock is 110lbs.  You can choose a glossy photo finish or go with a matte/flat finish.  We reccommend bright white in most cases unless your are getting creative.  After you’ve decide on the weight, finish, and color of the paper to print on, now you need to decide what size cardstock you will use.

Option 1: Pre-cut Paper in 5×7 (A7) size

Cards and Pockets 5×7 Precut Cards has a great selection of pre-cut cards. Or LCI Paper that are 5 1/8 x 7 (still fits in an A7 envelope)

Pros: You save time by not having to cut down the card yourself.  It will work very well with a photo printer or one that has a photo tray.

Cons: Printing them on an all-in-one or regular desktop printer may be more challenging. You will need to change the printer settings to print edge-to-edge or as a photo so that the print will go all the way to the edge.

Option 2: 8.5 x 11 sheets of cardstock

Pros: You will be able to get more that one invitation on a sheet.

Cons: Not all printers can handle thicker cardstock. You can check the user manual to see what is suggested for your particular printer. You will have to cut down each invitation. If you have an office cutter it will be an easy job but if you’re planning on doing it by hand it can be time consuming.

Now that we have all that settled. Let’s dive into printing at home.

The screenshots below are from a common template editor for items bought on Etsy and one that we use for the digital invitations on our website.

how to print invitations at home pinterest graphic










Step 2: Saving Your Invitation Template In Best Format for Printing

If you are planning on printing your invitations on an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock I recommend saving it as a PDF as opposed to a JPEG.  Most invitation editing software will also give you the option of printing multiples per page if possible.

corjl download screen










If you are planning on printing on precut 5×7 or 4×6 download it as a JPEG



How to Print Invitations at Home On An Office-jet or All-In-One Printer

For this type of printer you should Save your files as a PDF with multiples per page if possible. I also turned on the bleed (graphic extending past the dimensions of the design) and trim marks to make it easier to cut later.  I am using a Brother MFC-6545. Every print utility window will look slightly different but the have the same main options.

download screen for a blue barn invitation
Without Bleed


download window showing the bleed option turned on for an invitation
With Bleed Turned On




trim marks turned on in download options box
With Trim Marks On






If you have room to print multiple designs per page you will have the option of tiling the same design or tiling the other pages of the template.

Open your PDF download in Adobe Reader. Make sure it is set to actual size. Do not resize it.










Always make sure you choose the correct Paper Type and always print in “Best” or “high” Quality for best results. Be aware that every printer will print slightly different colors and quality.

print window pop up choosing best quality for printing at home
















If  you have an invitation template with a backside simply flip the paper over and repeat the process.


How to Print Invitations at Home On A Photo Printer

With a photo printer they have a designated tray for 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 photo paper. I will be using a Epson Expression XP-820 for the demonstration.

You can either download your template as a JPEG or if you choose a PDF format make sure it is the size of the Design Default and not on an 8.5×11 format if you plan to print on a precut 5×7 paper.








It is not necessary to show the bleed or trim marks if you choose a jpeg format with a precut paper.

Jpeg download options for print on a lemon bridal shower invitation

















For the paper size choose 5×7 or the size of your template and choose borderless as your option. Most new printers have the capability to print borderless in certain sizes.

print window open and choosing correct paper size for 5 x 7 invitations















how to choose best quality in a print window












Again Media/Paper Type is important. And always choose the highest quality print output. In this case “Best Quality”


If you have any trouble printing your invitations at home please leave me a comment and I will try to help you out.

*I cannot troubleshoot individual printers problems but will be happy to assist in other ways.*

Check out our tutorial on using Corjl for editing templates HERE.

*This post contains affiliate links to wherein we earn a small commission for referring these products. There is no additional cost to you the buyer.  Thank you for supporting our blog.

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