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Fun Easter Breakfast Ideas

bright easter colored pancakes on a plate

Looking for fun Easter breakfast ideas? You’ve come to the right place.  These easy pancake ideas will add a festive flair to your Easter morning breakfast table and bonus, your kids won’t soon forget it.  The holidays for a child is all about the wonder and fun. Make this a special memory for your kids.

bright easter colored pancakes on a plate

Easter Breakfast Ideas

Shaped Pancakes

I made these shaped pancakes with my kids a few months ago and they were a big hit. First we just looked at the pancakes to see what object they looked like, like looking for shapes in the clouds. Then we decided to get fancy and actually try to make them look like things on purpose.

I’ll admit it takes a little practice but it was lots of fun!

You could even look up a few videos beforehand and wow your kids with your pancake art skills. 😉


2 shaped pancakes cooking in a pan for easter breakfast

This was towards the end after I had practiced a bit. I made a rainbow and a flower.

We thought this one looked like a bear. What do you see?

MORE Easter Ideas

Colored Easter Pancakes

We did this for the first time a few years ago and now every time we make pancakes my daughter wants to color hers. It’s just another way to make life fun and create memories and family traditions.


a plate full of colored pancakes

Supplies needed:

  • food die
  • pancake batter

For best results and clearer colors I recommend putting a small amount of batter in a few separate bowls then add your food coloring so the colors don’t mix and turn brown.  The die seems to make the pancakes thin up a bit so i use a little less liquid than suggested in the recipe.

If you don’t want to dirty multiple dishes you can add a few drops of food die in a small area of the batter and make small circles to stir it in to just that spot. Then you can scoop just that batch with minimal color mixing.

We also made  our scrambled eggs blue, just because.

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