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Easter Activities 2020

This year Easter is going to look a lot different than most.  It is probably different than what you want but I want to encourage you to make the best of it. There are so many ways to celebrate.  I want to give you just a few Easter activities to try in 2020.

1.Do an Easter Craft

Kids love crafts. I love crafts. Pinterest is full of great Easter crafts. It can be just a fun art project or a DIY home decor. You choose.

Easter Activities for Families

2. Have an Indoor Egg Hunt

I’m sure most of you, like me, had plans to take your kids to a big Egg Hunt.  It’s something we look forward too and this year everything is cancelled. So, bust out the plastic eggs, fill them up with goodies and hide them all over your house.

One year while I was growing we hid real hardboiled eggs and lost one. Oops.

If you have older kids you could color code the eggs. Each kids would have their own color to find and can only pick up the ones in their color.  It adds a little bit of a challenge to the normal egg hunt.

Let your kids hide the eggs for you

My daughter loves to hide things and have me and my husband find them. Most of the time she tells us where to look (she’s 4) because she’s so excited. She could do that for hours.

3.Easter Egg Someones House

I saw this idea on Facebook. A neighbor scattered plastic eggs on the lawn of a family who they knew had kids and left a sign that said “You’ve been Egged”. It was an awesome way to share some joy.

4. Make Easter Cards and Mail Them

Our dedicated postal workers are still delivering mail! Send a handmade card via snial mail to all your friends and family to brighten their day. We used to make cards for everything. Guess that’s why I grew up to make cards for a living. ;)

Handmade Easter Card
Handmade by Kards by Kaylee

5. Fill Easter Baskets

Whether you normally do or don’t this year would be great to pack the easter baskets with activities or workbooks. Anything new for the kids to do and keep busy with. Here are some quick ideas:

  • Play dough
  • Legos
  • Coloring Books
  • Bubbles
  • Chalk
  • Puzzels
  • Age Appropriate Activity Books
  • Card Games

6. Color Eggs

Try something new. Use a method of decorating that you have never used before. There are so many:

  • draw on the eggs with crayons before coloring them
  • use the shaving cream method
  • tie dye
  • draw faces on them
  • glitter
  • etc.

7. Watch the Sunrise

I love sunrise services on Easter Sunday. Since no one can go to church this Easter, have your own sunrise service. Get the kiddos out of bed early and pick a good spot to watch the beautiful display.

Rice field beautiful natural at sunset

8. Make a BIG Breakfast

Cooking together and sharing a meal is one of my favorite things to do with my family. You could make it extra special for the kids and video chat with their grandparents while you prepare breakfast and eat.

Another fun idea that won’t be soon forgotten is to dye your scrambled eggs pink or purple!

In school during Dr. Seuss week we made green eggs and ham. I will never forget it. Just put a few drops of food coloring in as you scramble and voila! Scrambled Easter Eggs. Your kids will love it.

pink scrambled eggs for Easter Breakfast with Family

8. Attend a Virtual Church Service

Put on your Sunday best and those pretty Easter dresses and watch an Easter service right from your couch. Lots of churches are streaming their services live right now. If you don’t have a church you attend regularly check a local churches website or Facebook page to see if they are having a virtual service.

9. Go on a Gratitude Walk

Get outside. Get some fresh air. Stay 6 feet away. Have yourself a nice peaceful walk around the block and think about all the things you are grateful for. I know it’s hard during this difficult time with layoffs, sick family members, learning how to homeschool, and all the anxiety of just not knowing what is going to happen. You can only have one thought at a time so take control of your thoughts and focus on all the things you do have. Use this time to draw close to your family and strengthen those bonds. You won’t regret it.


I hope you found something you’ll give a try. I want to know in the comments how you normally celebrate Easter? and How you will you be celebrating this year?



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