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Dinosaur Birthday Party

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We had a dinosaur birthday party for my son. Just a few weeks ago he turned 4. (I can’t believe how fast the time flies.) My daughter and I had so much fun getting ready for his celebration. I’d like to share some of my favorite parts with you.

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Dinosaur Balloons

These balloons were so cool. They were a big hit with the family. My little guy loved them. They have held up very well even a week later.  Next time I’m buying a balloon pump though.

dinosaur shaped balloons in a closet
Dinosaur balloons hiding out in my closet until party time.

Number Balloons

I started buying these inflatable number balloons a few years ago for my kids birthdays and now they are a must have.  I love that I can look at the pictures and know exactly what birthday it was, how old they turned, and I don’t have to try to do math or count candles.

little boy holding a giant red number 4 balloon

DIY Dinosaur Photo Props

My daughter helped me design these fun dino photo props in Canva. We printed them out. Cut them out and stuck them to some bamboo skewers I had. You can checkout the tutorial on our Youtube channel.

We had fun taking pictures with these festive dinosaurs. They would also be adorable cake toppers or centerpieces.

family taking photo with dinosaur props

Dinosaur Dinner Ideas

When my husband saw what I made for dinner he said “of course you made dino nuggets” Yes! of course I did. What dinosaur birthday party is complete without dino nuggets.

dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets in a pan

One of the things he wanted to do for his birthday was dig up dinosaur bones. So the Jurassic Quest Dinosaur Expo happened to be in town the weekend of his birthday. We got to see life-sized animatronic dinos of all kinds and dig up dino bones. The kids even got to ride on a dinosaur. It was a neat experience.

family standing in front of spinosaurus


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