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College Trunk Party Ideas

parents hugging their daughter who just graduated

What is a College Trunk Party?

It’s a way for family and friends to send off the graduate with all the essentials they need. Most highschool grads have never lived on their own so they need the basics. Think cups, plates, bedding, storage items, small kitchen appliances, bathroom organization stuff, mini fridge, towels, etc.The idea is to pack their “trunk” full of things they will need for dorm life. Here are some perfect grad party ideas.

Trunk Party Ideas

How to Throw a College Trunk Party

Pick a Theme

Theme parties are always fun! Do a fiesta to say adios, Or a tropical luau, or Backyard Barbecue.

Invite Your Friends and Family

Kards by Kaylee offers a variety of fun Trunk Party Invitations in Digital format for easy sharing. Send it in a text or post on social media. Or have them printed at your local 1-Hour photo.

college trunk party invitation, college send off invite
Llama College Send Off Party Invitation

Have Your Graduate Create a Registry

Create a registry or list at your favorite store. Include everything you think you might need to live on your own or in a college dorm. (Don’t forget the pizza cutter and ramen!) Ask for things in all different prices ranges so your family or friends can get you want fits in their budget. Don’t be afraid to register for more expensive big ticket items. A few family members may want to pool together and get you one big thing.

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