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Baby Q Shower for Girl

Looking for a fun summer baby shower theme for a little girl? Try a Baby Q Shower for girl. This theme is great for co-ed showers as well as traditional baby showers. This post will give you decor ideas, BBQ-themed food ideas, and a list of fun activities to make your babycue shower memorable.

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How to Plan a Baby Q for Girl

Baby-Q Invitations

You must start at the beginning…that’s a very good place to start. You have to have a way to invite your guests.

These Diaper Shaped Invitations are the most creative way to invite people to a shower. We have people rave over these all the time. Guests will love these backyard bbq baby shower invitations.

diaper shaped baby shower invitation in a pink plaid pattern with sunflowers


We handmake these invitations in our diaper shape and add the 3D sunflowers for an extra special touch.

Baby Q Shower Decorations

The decorations really set the scene for your barbeque baby shower. Think pink plaids, and picnic items, and add in a touch of beauty with some sunflowers.

I am obsessed with this decor bundle from Amazon. It comes with a banner, balloons, and sunflower accents. It makes the perfect decorations for the food table, gift table, or my favorite photo station.  Who wouldn’t stop to take a picture under this fun balloon arch?

a pregnant women standing in front of a pink balloon arch with sunflowers

  • Picnic-style Setup: Arrange picnic tables or blankets in the backyard for a relaxed and casual ambiance. Use pink checkered tablecloths, colorful cushions, and string lights to add a festive touch.


  • Mason Jar Centerpieces: Fill mason jars with sunflowers for charming centerpieces. Tie rustic twine or gingham ribbons around the jars for a delightful touch.

BBQ Baby Shower Activities

When it comes to hosting a Baby Q-themed baby shower, incorporating engaging activities adds an extra layer of fun and entertainment for your guests. Here are some ideas to keep everyone entertained and create lasting memories:


Baby Prediction Cards

Set up a station where guests can fill out baby prediction cards. These cards typically include predictions about the baby’s gender, birth date, weight, and other fun details. The parents-to-be can later read these predictions aloud, leading to laughter and excitement as guests see how accurate their guesses were.

Diaper Raffle

Host a diaper raffle to help the parents-to-be stock up on essential baby supplies. As part of the invitation, ask each guest to bring a pack of diapers to enter the raffle. Provide raffle tickets upon arrival and draw a lucky winner who will receive a special prize. It’s a win-win situation, as the parents-to-be receive much-needed diapers, and guests have a chance to win a fun prize.

Use our diaper gift card holders for an easy diaper raffle prize for the winner. Just add an Amazon gift card or store of your choice. See a list of Top 10 gift cards for game prizes here.

diaper shaped gift card holder in a pink plaid pattern with sunflowers on each side

Onesie Decorating Station

Set up a creative corner with plain white onesies, fabric markers, iron-on patches, and stencils. Encourage guests to unleash their artistic side and decorate a onesie for the baby. This activity allows guests to showcase their individual styles and creates adorable keepsakes that the parents can cherish.

This bundle you can buy on Amazon has everything you need.

Baby Trivia Game

Test the knowledge of your guests with a baby-themed trivia game. Create a set of trivia questions about pregnancy, baby facts, and famous babies. Divide guests into teams and see who can answer the most questions correctly. It’s a fun way to spark friendly competition and share interesting baby-related information.


Baby Q Bingo

Create custom Baby Q-themed bingo cards with baby-related words or gifts that are likely to be opened during the shower. As the parents-to-be open presents, guests mark off the corresponding items on their bingo cards. The first person to get a complete row or pattern shouts “Baby Q!” and wins a prize.

Advice for the Parents

Set up a station with small cards or a guestbook where guests can write down their best parenting advice for the parents-to-be. This activity not only provides valuable insights but also creates a meaningful keepsake filled with heartfelt advice and well wishes.

Baby Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth area with props like baby bibs, pacifiers, baby bottles, and onesies. Provide a Polaroid or instant camera so guests can take fun photos with the props.

Baby-Q-Themed Relay Race

Organize a fun and interactive relay race with Baby-Q themed challenges. Set up stations where guests compete in activities like assembling a pack-n-play, diaper-changing races with dolls, or bottle-feeding contests. Divide guests into teams and let the laughter and friendly competition unfold.

Remember, the key to successful activities is to keep them light-hearted, interactive, and enjoyable for guests of all ages. These activity ideas will engage your guests, create a lively atmosphere, and make the Baby Q-themed baby shower an event to remember.


pink and yellow balloon arch with sunflowers over a table decorated for a baby q for girl



a layout of 8 baby shower games for baby q shower pink plaid and sunflowers




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