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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Grad in 2020

ways to celebrate Graduation in 2020

Here are some ways to celebrate your grad in 2020 to let them know how proud you are of them and their hard work.

Seniors have been waiting for graduation for years. They have worked hard and persevered and now the graduation they’ve been dreaming of is CANCELLED.

Ceremonies are being cancelled or postponed for a date long in the future. It isn’t the end of the year we had expected. How can you make their big day special? and keep them excited about the future when the world seems so uncertain right now?

Below are 5 ways to celebrate your graduate in 2020.

ways to celebrate Graduation in 2020

1. Put Together a Photo Book

A normal year book isn’t enough for all the things your grad has done and experienced, especially this year. Ask their friends and teachers to send you their favorite pictures of the grad or about something they were involved in.

Put them all together in a photo book or scrapbook.

Use pictures from social media of them and their friends, classmates, and teachers.

Add your favorite inspirational quotes or stories.


2. Organize a Graduation Parade

This is one of my favorite ideas! You can do this one of two ways:

Either ask your friends and family to drive by your house at a certain time in parade style, waving banners, and playing loud music


Get a few of you grad and a few close friends and parade them around town.  Each family will decorate their own car, make signs, and then drive parade style around the town and by the school.  You can make signs like “honk for the class of 2020” or Congrats _________!

Make your grads put on their cap and gown and get lots of pictures.

Cars lined up for a Graduation Parade

3. Make Yard Signs

Put signs up in your yard or window showing off how proud you are of your graduate.

You can have them professionally printed or make your own out of poster board.

(Bonus: Go decorate another seniors lawn with signs and balloons.)

Graduation yard sign with balloons


4. Advice for the Grad

Ask your friends and family to send you advice for the grad either by text or email, then compile them into a book and gift it to the grad.  Years latter they will look back and cherish the special notes from loved ones.

5. Throw a Virtual Graduation Party

Everyone loves a good Graduation Party and since we must practice social distancing we’re taking our parties online. It’s easy to ZOOM or Skype a group of people and enjoy a celebration with them even though we can’t be together.

Do everything you would normally do to prepare for a party. Send invitations, get decorations, and get your grads favorite snacks or cake.

Have your grad dress in their cap and gown for all to see.  Ask your grad to prepare their own commencement speech and give it to your family and friends on the video chat.

Check out this post for more Virtual Graduation Party Ideas

I know this is hard for the seniors who have worked so hard.  Make this a time to remember and do everything you can to celebrate their achievements.

If you want to wait to celebrate with everyone in person later and your grad is headed off to college in the Fall throw them a Trunk Party before they leave.

I want to know how your are celebrating the graduates in your life. Please leave a comment below.




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