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3 Must Haves at Your Baby Shower

These are my baby shower must haves.  These 3 simple things will make your baby shower go smoother, be more fun, and the most beneficial for the mom-to-be.

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1. Photo Area

I think every party should have an area for guests to be encouraged to take pictures and a baby shower is no exception. You can create this atmosphere by doing a few simple things.

  1. Put up a backdrop – something that goes along with your theme that your guests will see and just have to get a picture in front of it. A large banner backdrop or a balloon arch work really well.

green gold balloon arch at dinosaur baby shower

2. Have Props – People can’t resist photo booth props and your baby shower guests will be no different. Lay them out on a table or have them in a jar or vase. It will make people want to take pictures and easier for you to get a picture of everyone.

Big Dot of Happiness

Having a place to take photos will make it easier to get a picture of everyone at the shower so you don’t forget who was there. It makes a great keepsake to add to your photo album or social media memories.  You can ask everyone to send you their photos or share them on social with a special #hashtag OR you can provide a camera for them to use like a Poloroid or your own personal one.

2. Notebook to Write Down Gifts Received

This is a handy tool for a couple of reasons:

  1. It will make it easier to write out and send thank you notes
  2. It serves as a keepsake for everyone who was there and the special gifts they gave for your little one. It can be a type of guestbook if you choose not to have a traditional one.

I took my gift log one step further and took pictures of each gift, everything that was in a bag or all the presents from one person. I added their name to the photo as a keepsake but also so I knew who bought which outfit. If I recognized a particular outfit from someone I tried to send them a picture of my baby in it.

3. Diaper Raffle Station

A diaper raffle has become a very popular thing at baby showers. I think it is a must have at your baby shower. It’s fun for the guests to fill out their diaper raffle tickets and put them in a bucket or box. Then wait in anticipation of who the lucky winner will be. Plus, it’s great for setting up the mom-to-be with essentials for her little one.


Diaper Raffle Bundle


If you aren’t planning many other games or activities you can go big on the diaper raffle prize with a big basket or a higher value gift card.

diaper shaped gift card holder with an elephant holding a rattle
Diaper Raffle Prize idea

I hope you will include some of my must haves at your next shower. I want to hear from you!

What are your must haves at a shower? Share them in the comments below.

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