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How to Host a Virtual Party

How to throw a virtual party during quarantine

It seems like the whole world has just stopped. Everything is cancelled. Everyone is being told to stay home and keep your distance.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate.

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How to throw a virtual party

Birthdays are happening, babies are being born, holidays are coming, people are graduating.

So how can we party under quarantine you ask?

Great question.

With todays technology we can be miles away and still see each other face to face with software and apps like Zoom, Facetime, and Google Hangout.

The most important thing right now is focusing on family, trying to keep some semblance of normal, and continuing to make memories especially in these uncertain times.

Keep everyone’s spirits up by planning a virtual party.

Here’s how.


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You can video chat with up to 100 people for up to 40 min and it’s free.

You can get a Personal Meeting ID and just share the link with your guests so they can join at the appropriate time.


It’s the tried and true method of video chatting and probably the one your family and friends are most likely to have. It’s very user friendly. You can call up to 50 people at once and it’s free!


If all your peeps have an Iphone or IPad Facetime is a great app but…You’ll be leaving out all your Android buddies.

How to throw a virtual party during quarantine
How to Throw a Party Quarantine Style

Today you can find a huge range of digital invitations for all kinds of events.  Most can be edited and sent right away. You can text or email them to your guestlist. There’s no reason not to send an invitation. It sets the stage for the party and gives your friends and faily all the details of your virtual party.

Things to include on your virtual party Invitation

Make sure the recipient understands it’s a virtual party. Use the word “virtual” and hope you can join us on ________(your app of choice)

Date, time

Don’t forget to include a specific time and date so people know not to be late to the virtual party.


Where they will login or join to access your party. 

Who the celebration is for

Make sure to include all the normal party info like who it’s for, how old they’re turning, what the special occasion is, etc.

Wishlist/ or Registry Info

Since family will not be able to make it in person they may want to still send a gift. Make it easy for them by creating an Amazon wish list or registry and they can have it gift wrapped and sent straight to the party address (aka your house).  Your family will enjoy getting to watch the kids opening their birthday gifts, or the grad reading their cards, or getting to see the mother to be opening a baby gift in real time.  Most of the fun of giving a gift is getting to see the excitement on the recipient’s face when they open it up.

P.S. I can adapt any of our invitations to be used for virtual parties. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Virtual Dinner Party Invitation

Decorate, put on your fancy clothes or birthday best and get ready to party! Make sure to get your video chat system setup before hand and try to find a tripod or a sturdy place to set your phone or tablet. You can also carry your loved ones around and give everyone a chance to hi.

Login or invite people to your live streaming video chat.  Do all the things you normally would do.  Greet everyone who is able to attend.  Introduce people who may not have met before. Then get the party started. Light candles, sing Happy Birthday, open gifts. Maybe try playing a game or having everyone do an activity together.

birthday cake and presents

The most important party of birthdays is being surrounded by people you love and who love you.  Make it special by decorating and buying or making a cake. Light the candles and have everyone on the video chat sing along. Open presents.

Find a fun papercraft online and send it to the party guests beforehand. They can print it off and everyone can participate in making something fun together.

You could even mail a small party box to the guests before the party and tell them not to open it until you are live together. Throw in a party hat and a favor. Or put in the craft or special activity.  This might be a good option if you’ve already bought all the party supplies and then the world decided to end.

Have each kid take turns doing something funny or entertaining. Make it like a talent show type of thing. The kids will have a blast. They love watching YouTube videos of other kids already.  They’ll love watching someone they know.

Make a list of common household items and have the kids go find them. Whoever gets back on camera first with the item wins.



I hope these virtual party ideas have given you the confidence to throw your own party. Let me know below other ways you plan to celebrate during this time of physical distancing.

green t-rex Dinosaur virtual birthday party invitation


10 thoughts on “How to Host a Virtual Party”

    1. I’d definitly do a virtual tour of the new place and maybe a virtual happy hour in your new kitchen. If people will be sending gifts I’d do a live opening on Facebook or Zoom event to let them see you enjoy the gifts for your new place.

  1. Soccer coach of 10 years is moving away and team is aging out of the league. Any ideas on how to thank this coach through a virtual team party?

    1. Maybe you could put together a care package and thank you gift to him ahead of time and have them open it on a Zoom meeting or Skype. Then have each player say something the coach taught them or a favorite memory with the team. You could encourage everyone to get a party hat and wear their jerseys and have their own refreshments. I’d love to hear what you end up doing. -Kaylee

    1. You could host it like a virtual dinner party. Have everyone dress up and sit down to eat at the same time and have conversation. Or put together a playlist of songs from the wedding and play them. You could try playing a game where your guest could ask questions for the married couple to answer about each other and keep score of who has the most correct answers like that game show.

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