My Daughter’s Bubble Guppies Under the Sea Party

This week we celebrated my daughter’s Second birthday. The time really does fly by.   I can remember like it was yesterday the day she was born.  We decided on a Bubble Guppie themed party because it’s one of her favorite shows. Since we had the party during lunchtime we served food.  Here is the ocean themed food we made.

starfish shapes cut from watermelon for a under the sea bubble guppies birthday party

Starfish cut from watermelon and cantaloupe.  I sliced the fruit thin then used a metal cookie cutter to make the shape.
Cucumber slices to represent sea cucumbers for an ocean party

Sea Cucumber Slices (cucumber) and Crab Legs (baby carrots)

Sub sandwiches with periscopes "submarines" ocean themed party food ideas

Submarine Sandwiches complete with periscopes!

Beach Balls (cheese puffs) in a pail served with a shovel.
And of course Fish and Chips.

Bubble Wands for favors
Bubble Guppies Cake

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  1. So chic birthday party it was. The idea of star shape water melon is quite interesting. Such small ideas are quite effective for a DIY party. We have also started the preparations for our girls first birthday but are going to book the best event space NYC for this party.